Women in Remodeling Conversations Planning for productivity, balance, and care…

Posted by Michelle Glassburn, Lavallee Systems


Each month, women from around PRO New England gather to share their perspectives and insights as remodeling industry professionals. While the topics change monthly, the discussions are always both inspirational and informative.

This month, our conversation was centered on productivity. While the typical round table discussion on this topic focuses on improvements in planning and execution of tasks, our group conversation started by reflecting on the messages from Shel Silverstein’s children’s classic “The Giving Tree.” A cursory reading of the story suggests the importance of altruism and the virtue of being the “giver” in a relationship.

The story examines the relationship between a tree and a boy. Over the years, the boy returns repeatedly to ask the tree to give of itself in order to make him happy. The tree seemingly finds happiness in the boy’s happiness and continues to give the boy whatever he asks for unconditionally. This pattern continues for decades, with the tree giving its apples, then branches, then the trunk. At the close of the story, the perpetually unsatisfied boy (now an old man) returns to find the tree is just a stump. Having given every bit of itself, the tree can now only offer the boy a place to sit. As we consider how we approach each day, how many of us are left feeling like the stump? How can we be more thoughtful about our time to ensure that we can achieve the balance required to give what we can, get what we need, and place value on taking care of ourselves?

The conversation offered great insights and reflections that encouraged us to:

-Explore our “power hours” when we can be most productive,

-Reflect on the relationships we keep looking for balance and

-Prioritize time each day for the things that help restore and recharge us.

As is nearly always the case, our conversations offer useful tips that help improve our daily lives. But more importantly, the discussions encourage us to think more deeply about how we “show up” for the challenges and opportunities we encounter each day. As we explore different issues each month throughout the year, we will do this with a collective commitment to: Openness, Belonging, Inspiration, Joy, and Dedication. All women in our PRO New England organization are welcome. We hope you will join us.

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