Getting Licensed


States regulate building, and trades related to construction work and similar projects. Learn about licensing rules in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Building and Trades (Massachusetts)

Department of Labor Professional Regulations (Rhode Island)

Home Improvement Contractor Registration and Renewal (Massachusetts)

Contractors’ Registration and Licensing Board (Rhode Island)

Certifications – To learn more on earning certification here.

  • Certified Remodeler
  • Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler
  • Certified Green Home Professional
  • Certified Remodeling Project Manager
  • Certified Lead Carpenter
  • Universal Design Certified Professional
  • Lead Safe
  • Energy Star
  • LEED

Insurance Recommendations

You should provide your clients with evidence of your Certificate of Liability Insurance. Your insurance company should provide this for you.

  • General Liability for Bodily Injury, Personal injury and property damage
  • Automobile Insurance covering business vehicles
  • Workers’ Compensation per state regulations