The Evolution of PRO  

Posted by Michelle Glassburn, Lavallee Systems


It’s been nearly six months since our members voted to reimagine our organization. Casting those votes, we were firm in our resolve to focus on investing locally to create the education and connections that our members value. It was a leap of faith into the unknown. We were unsure exactly how the new organization would be built, but we were steadfast in our belief that a bright future lay ahead.

In those short six months, much has happened. Allow me to share a few updates – and perhaps hint at some of the exciting developments on the horizon.

The PRO National network of affiliates was established last March. There are now six affiliated organizations including New England, New York, Delaware Valley (near Philadelphia), Mid-Atlantic (headquartered in Washington, D.C.), Central Virginia, and Nebraska-Iowa. This network represents approximately 800 companies. We continue to hear from other organizations with an interest in joining the network. We hope to be able to announce the news that our network is growing again soon.

From the outset, our new network understood the vital importance of education for our local affiliate members. While there are an overwhelming number of tasks ahead, investing our time and energy into education has been the priority. Almost immediately, a committee was formed across the six affiliates to begin working on programs. There are three key priorities at hand:

  1. Creating and implementing a process to recognize the existing certifications already held by our members. Just this month, we launched the application for certification review and recognition by PRO. Members will be hearing from our local PRO staff soon with information about making their certification a PRO Certification.
  2. Compiling an array of educational resources that will constitute the continuing education needed to maintain and renew a PRO Certification.
  3. Developing new educational certification programs that best meet the needs of our members as they work to develop their employees and grow their businesses. This phase of the educational program development requires significant time to create and launch. Already in development is a new Apprenticeship Training Program to expand the program options for younger employees. Despite the considerable task ahead, significant work is already underway, and it will be exciting to share the progress in the coming months.

Also, in our first few months, our PRO national network started to build recognition of our new common name. Through our new national website at, and the opportunity to spotlight our PRO brand in Professional Remodeler magazine, at the Extreme Sales Summit, the Women in Residential Construction conference, and more, we are rapidly becoming a recognized network of local affiliates that focus on the education and connections that remodeling industry companies value.

As the local affiliates have come together to create the PRO national network, it is very clear that we are connected by more than just a name. Across the affiliates, we share a common set of goals and standards that signify our commitment to the industry. While a more detailed Code is being developed, these inherent common ideals were incorporated into a PRO Pledge – a brief common statement of principle by which we practice.

Our Commitment…

We are professionals. We are PRO.

We are responsible:

  • To our clients: to be honest, ethical, and competent in all we do for them
  • To our employees: to provide safe and rewarding workplaces, free of discrimination
  • To our fellow members: to act as colleagues, not competitors, to lift each other up
  • To our communities: to be the positive and trusted face of our industry
  • To our natural and built environment: to be good stewards of both
  • And to our industry: to ensure its growth and good health

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