T ‘is the Season…

Posted by: Cathy Follett, President of PRO New England, CEO of Renovisions

Business, for many of us, has picked up at an unprecedented pace. As the demand keeps rising, how are you handling the increased workload, labor shortages, price escalations, while meeting customers’ expectations, without getting overwhelmed and stressed out?

From time to time, I enjoy reading articles by Paul Winans, consultant, and facilitator of Remodeler’s Advantage. In this month’s Remodeler Newsletter, he suggests three ways to deal with these challenges:

  1. Be Realistic
  2. Focus on Results, not Activity
  3. Reset Expectations

This is a good read and I encourage you to add it to your ‘list of things to do’. Got Too Much Business? Here’s How to Manage in Busy Times | Remodeling (hw.net)

On December 1st, we welcomed Victoria Downing from Remodelers Advantage to our PRO-NE event. She presented a clear snapshot of the broken systems in our Remodeling Industry that we are all experiencing right now; Albeit a bit glum, however, I walked away feeling solidarity and strength from being in the room with so many comradely members, enabling us to share stories, as we are all in this together. I felt a sense of pride that we have members that care, not only about their own businesses but for the greater good of our newly transitioned PRO New England organization.

Why not join our Remodelers Conversations, held virtually on the 3rd Thursday of each month, or Women in Remodelers Conversations on the 2nd Thursday of each month. It’s a great benefit of this organization that provides an opportunity to connect, share experiences and offer insights. For the women remodelers, please consider reaching out to join other dynamic women in this industry to help empower yourself!

At this time of the year, besides feeling on overload, I also feel a sense of gratitude and thankfulness for what I do have. (Mindfulness classes with Peter Feinmann help with that too).

T ‘is the season to raise a glass to new traditions, friends, the year ahead, whatever you celebrate, and let your heart be light….

And I look forward to seeing you at the January 5th, 2022, luncheon at the Verve with Industry Forecaster, Chris Kuehl, PhD.


“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

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