Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Posted by Cathy Follett, CEO of Renovisions, President of PRO New England


Q2 will continue to hold steady for remodeling as there are no signs of demand letting up. Homeowners are investing more money in their homes so they can spend more time in them. An amazing 21% increase for new construction and a 16% increase in the kitchen and bath industry. Cost inflation and availability of skilled laborers are challenges as we hurdle to complete jobs on time and on budget. Interestingly, consumers are optimistic and committed to moving the projects forward, despite delays and price escalations.

Are you still having difficult conversations about extended lead times with your clients?

I find that being honest is still the best policy when it comes to setting customers’ expectations. If you are over-booked, stay consistent with your message, confront the situation straightforward, and re-enforce your availability. Customers will quickly learn the reality of our busy market and you will look for only ideal clients going forward.

At our April PRO-NE dinner meeting, Tim Faller from Remodelers Advantage presented ‘The Client Experience, Not Customer Service.’ He mentioned an interesting term, ‘The Dark Period’- the time between contract signing and production when the client needs our reassurances more than ever. He recommended we stay in touch with each customer every 10 days with a positive form of communication and feedback. He also said that if we take the proactive approach with any job concerns to the homeowners right away, they appreciate the fact that you are staying on top of the situation, and this will de-escalate their apprehension.

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Slow, Steady Progress is Better than Fast, Daily Excuses.”

-Robin Sharma

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