Remodeling Starts with an iPhone…

Posted by: Tyson Goodridge, Warranty Manager, Asher Nichols & Craftsmen, LLC


NE PRO members are now using their iPhones when scoping out a project. Why?

They’re using a 3D Mapping App to quickly and efficiently take measurements of any space with their iPhone 13 Pro. Each “Scan” makes a 3 Dimensional CAD file that can quickly and easily be converted to drawings and elevations for architects, designers, and your entire remodeling team.

We started using Canvas in January 2022, and we haven’t looked back. Here’s why:

Efficiency. Measuring an interior or exterior space with a measuring tape takes time. Getting your hand-drawn sketch, measurements, and notes into an architectural drawing or elevation takes even more time. Canvas has reduced our pre-production time and expense by 75%. What used to take one month now takes one week. We’re efficient.

Accuracy and Consistency. When starting a project, every detail matters. A one-time 3D scan of the space will give you and your remodeling team ONE set of measurements and dimensions that are easily shared. No more extra site visits to measure. No more missed photos or videos. Some subcontractors can bid on a job without going onsite. They can see everything just by viewing the Canvas Scan from their computer, iPad, or iPhone.

Getting to Yes. Providing prospective clients with a 3D image of the project space within one week accelerates the sales process and leads to more sales conversions. When they quickly “see” the space in a three-dimensional drawing, prospective clients can visualize the project, engage in the process, and commit to a project earlier in the sales cycle. 


Canvas Benefits

  • Design now comes earlier in the sales cycle, speeding up the sales cycle and increasing the conversion rate with clients. Weeks instead of months. Clients love to “see” their projects in this format.
  • Carpenters, Subs, and Clients always work off the same measurements. Every time. Consistency equals quality.
  • A quick and easy historical snapshot of our work. “Before” and “After” scans of projects are incorporated into our 5 Year Warranty Program to ensure quality work.


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