President’s Message

Posted by Justin Zeller, Owner of Red House Custom Building and President and Chair of EM NARI PR Committee

We took a sales call this week for a new prospective client with a second home near our office. After the tour of the house, sharing our perspective, listening to hopes and dreams, and explaining our process, the homeowner told us frankly about the other two companies he is interviewing for the project. I was glad to hear that both are great businesses, and one is an EM NARI member and a fine remodeler with an excellent reputation. That felt good. I like hearing that I’m competing with folks who push our company to do better and be better — a worthy competitor.

The experience reminded me of one of my first in-person EM NARI meetings (remember those?) just after joining. Long-time member, Paul Morse, introduced himself to me on the stairs, shook my hand, and told me how honored he’d been to find that he was being interviewed by folks who were also considering Red House. I assumed he only knew of us through the recent COTY we had won. I was incredibly humbled. Who was I, as a new member, and a relatively new remodeler that he’d even consider me? I remember getting home and telling my 6-year-old son how great this organization was going to be for the company. It thrilled me to be in a league with others who have so much experience. I would have a chance to learn more and more from companies who’d been doing it so long. 

In the end, that type of experience is what has kept me engaged at EM NARI, and it’s why I look forward to the annual golf outing coming up and the newly unveiled Virtual CotY Awards! These are wonderful opportunities to get together with other members and celebrate our community at EM NARI. I hope to see you there.




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