President’s Message

By Eric Adams, Adams + Beasley Associates

Greetings to all the great people of PRO New England!  This is my first official “Message from the President” since accepting my new role.  I am very excited to be acting as a leader in this pivotal moment in the organization.  As most of you hopefully know, we continue to build on the foundation of our past and look towards the future to significantly increase the value PRO NE brings to all of you.  We have all suffered through the ups and downs of COVID and are emerging on the other side with lots of new and old realities.

I hope one of those realities is the rekindled desire and ability to meet up in person, listen and teach, learn and grow, and in general, support each other in becoming better in business, craft, and community.  That is the basis for my personal passion for being a member of this organization.  In the coming months, we are eager to welcome new members to the group and call on all of you to actively seek out people you work with who are not members to join us. Growing our membership and sponsorship, along with deepening our programs, are my primary objectives over the next year and beyond.  

So my plea to you is, please get involved!  This is a deeply participatory group and each one of us brings our unique abilities, experience, and knowledge to the table… share it with others.  PRO NE is not a spectator sport. It is made rich and robust by collective contributions of time and knowledge.  I welcome the opportunity to meet with people one on one or in groups to brainstorm content for future meetings and events, as well as ways we can improve our current offerings, always focused on increasing the value we provide you.  If you were fortunate enough to join us at Chatham Interiors in Boston last week, you know how thoughtful, dynamic, and educational the panel discussion on Technology Design and Integration is to many of our projects and we all got an important insight into the process needed to plan and execute this work efficiently and effectively.  We will bring relevant topics like this to each monthly meeting and hope to see you at the next one.  I am honored to be working on your behalf and look forward to seeing you very soon!

All my best,

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