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Hello again, this is our fourth edition of the good 4 Biz and our workforce discussion series regarding a 4-day work week.

In past articles, we have described the family benefit and the economics of the shift to working 4 days a week. There is a significant environmental impact to consider, too.

Recently, I had a nice discussion with a colleague of mine who runs another similar business.

In our conversation, I learned that he saw value in working four days a week but found it very difficult to engineer a change without some transition time or plan.

He and his Production Manager envisioned a shift to 4 days but in a more controlled and deliberate way.

They suggested working 4 – 9 hour days and having time on Fridays for training sessions or coordination meetings.

I want to commend my friend for recognizing that a shift could be beneficial in more than one way to the way that he runs his business. We have to remember that every remodeling company is run by a person with strong values and unique ways of approaching production and issues with production. There is no right or wrong way to do it, there is only YOUR way to do it.

The suggestion here is that if you want to make a shift to 4 days a week, this would be the maximum and most radical change you can make from the standard 5-day, 8 hour week.

Yes, there are variations to consider and even try if you are brave like I know you are!!

Our next article will include some specifics on how a 4 and a 1/2 day work week may benefit some managers and may transition more slowly.

Please share your comments and experiences here and we’ll chat about them!

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