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When we initially set out to create the Professional Remodeling Organization (PRO), our goal was to leverage the expertise and experience of a network of like-minded local associations while ensuring that the lion share of each dues dollar stays local where the value is greatest.

Even so, the PRO National leadership team has been hard at work for a year now laying the foundation needed to build larger programs and benefits for members that extend beyond the hyper local regions of each affiliate. And, geography is on our side!  With 5 of the 6 PRO affiliates located on the eastern seaboard – stretching from New England south to central Virginia, there is much to be gained from collaboration.

During the past year, the PRO National network has developed strategic relationships with Remodelers Advantage, Professional Remodeling magazine, and Qualified Remodeler. Through those relationships we have benefitted from media exposure and the opportunity to participate in a number of conferences and events including the Extreme Sales Summit and Women in Residential Construction events last fall. Just this past month we attended the Qualified Remodeler FAST conference in Baltimore where we made connections with many future members and partners. Continue to look for PRO when you attend national events – and keep an eye out for special discounts on registration to certain events offered by PRO New England.

This summer PRO National has launched the PRO Partners sponsorship program. With an emphasis on local membership and participation, the PRO National program creates a way for larger, national companies to streamline their onboarding and focus on hitting the ground running in the local markets.  

Finally, we have started building the PRO certification recognition and renewal program. Members may use certifications issued by other recognized remodeling organizations recognized to fulfill the initial PRO Certification. The process for obtaining recognition of your existing certification is easy – but members may only apply for recognition of a certification if it is current within the past year. See the PRO New England certification page for more information on the process and application.  We are also working across the affiliates to compile new and unique CEU opportunities that will make fulfilling the requirements to renew your certification both easy and interesting!  Lastly, we are embarking on the exciting process of expanding the education and certification offerings. Many hands make light work, so if you are interested in assisting with the PRO national education committee efforts, please contact Cathy Follett, our PRO New England 2022 President.

If you have any questions about PRO National – or have an interest in getting involved on a national level in a committee, feel free to contact me. I can be reached at  

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