Michelle Glassburn Takes Her Final Bow as Executive Director

Posted by: Amy Cafazzo, Owner of Studio A Marketing and PR Committee Member

When Michelle Glassburn joined EM-NARI as Executive Director in 2013, she brought an extensive knowledge of the non-profit world as well as enviable business and strategic experience. Her winning personality and sarcastic sense of humor, combined with her wealth of knowledge, have ushered EM-NARI into its latest incarnation, as PRO New England. Today, having re-launched our remodeling organization and set us up for success, it’s time for Michelle to step back from her role and pass the reigns to her successor, Lindsay DeSantis, who started as PRO New England Executive Director just this week.

Several PRO New England present and past Board Members shared their thoughts on Michelle’s departure….


Cathy Follett, Renovisions Inc.

It’s difficult to say goodbye to someone who has guided PRO New England with insightful professionalism and integrity in everything she set her mind to accomplish and to ensure we remain an elite organization for all the members. It’s been an honor to serve on the board under her stellar leadership; I wish her the very best in her new endeavor.


Bill Farnsworth, Custom Contracting

Michelle created a firm foundation for our organization that we are all very proud of. Over the past few years, she has taken our association to the next level – creating systems that allow the organization to run seamlessly. From the beginning, she was honestly overqualified for the job and we’re grateful that she’s leaving us in such great shape. I’ve particularly enjoyed working with her every year on the golf tournament. She’s incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with.


Roger Gallagher, Gallagher Remodeling

Michelle was an extraordinary Executive Director. She could analyze the organization as a whole, see what was needed, and identify the tasks and internal resources needed to accomplish our goals and innovate new solutions. She was able to motivate the people in the organization to be their best selves on behalf of our group as a whole. She skillfully guided us to a whole new organizational level and leaves us in a great position to move forward after her departure.


Peter Feinmann, Feinmann, Inc.
EM NARI/PRO New England has been so fortunate to have Michelle’s leadership over the past eight years. She has an amazing way of inviting members to want to contribute to make this a positive, warm and exciting, forward-thinking organization. Michelle always brings a smile and an openness to member opinions encouraging collaboration and friendship. Michelle will be missed, and it is great to know she will hang around making sure we remain a great organization.


Von Salmi, Von Salmi Associates

I have served on the Board through both bad and good times through several Executive Directors of varying capability. The results were always positive, but some provided more guidance and leadership than others. When Michelle was hired, the Board knew we found the most exceptional person for the job. The guidance, direction, and professionalism provided by Michelle were so critical to our success to date. I believe Michelle to be one of the most competent professionals I have ever had the opportunity to work with and I know she will succeed at ANY endeavor that she undertakes.
Thank you for the incredible time Michelle, that you gave us. With kindest wishes and hopes for your continued success.


Justin Zeller, Red House Design Build

When I was a new member, I saw Jim Lavallee sworn in as president, and I remember him saying how being president of this organization was relatively easy due to the preparedness and leadership of Michelle. At the time, Michelle worked so much behind the scenes that I hardly understood what she did. Over time, however, and of course with my time as a board member, as president, and now as chair, I fully understand that Michelle is the living embodiment of the servant leader. I suppose you have to embrace that to lead a non-profit association, but she has done so with such elegant finesse and acute social-emotional understanding of how to be both accountable and effective to and for a voluntary membership. Honestly, I count myself so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve on the board under her executive directorship. Not only has it been a pleasure, but I’ve grown and developed as a leader in my own business, and in my role on the board, directly as a result of exposure to Michelle’s leadership. Michelle, thank you very much for allowing our association to be such a big part of your life over the past eight years. We are all better for it, and I wish you success and happiness in your next adventure.


Thanks, Michelle for your warmth and service!


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