Luxury Home Design Summit 2023

By: Robin Shor, SPLASH



  1. The highest point of a hill or mountain
  2. A meeting between sovereign heads.


The Luxury Home Design Summit of 2023 wasn’t exactly Camp David, but it was perhaps a cross between a posh summer camp and an enlightening design symposium comprising a series of design lectures featuring high-profile designers and tech professionals. The seminars covered a diverse range of topics from AI to website design, sustainability, and captivating discussions with internationally acclaimed designers. The high-end camp aspect was enhanced by the activities that people could engage in, from roundtable discussions with their peers to cocktail parties and dinners.

It is a luxury to leave the normal confines of our work and get the opportunity, not only to learn about a variety of interesting and engaging topics but also to have the time to sit down and talk to the people we work and intersect with during the workweek. In the ceaseless clamor of our professional lives when we are running around like crazy people feeling like we can’t take a breath to really talk to people, it’s a respite to take time to engage and commune with industry peers. And all of this in the most beautiful environment that basically personifies luxury.

The event opened with a heartfelt and emotional campaign by spokesperson Nick Buni of Adams & Beasley Associates, inviting donations for children affected by the Ukraine war. Opening remarks by Kathy Bush-Dutton and co-founder of the Luxury Design Summit, Adam Japko set the stage for a three-day gathering that continues to grow in size and popularity. The carefully curated range of topics  have the breadth to make builders, architects, designers, and professionals feel like it is worth the expense and time to leave their work and head to the Cape. Each year, this event grows, despite facing challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and a major storm during a previous year that had the Chatham Bars Inn on generators and made it feel as though the roof was going to tear off the cottage where I was staying, the event continues to expand its reach.

Impressively, PRO New England members, including Diane Burcz Interior Design, Charles Street Design, Adams + Beasley Associates, Kevin Cradock Builders, F.H. Perry Builder, Installations Plus, and Oasis Shower Doors and Specialty Glass formed a notable contingent at the summit. The combination of roundtable events, cocktail hours, and dinners provided ample opportunities for engaging discussions and fruitful networking.

In this serene and captivating atmosphere, the Luxury Home Design Summit of 2023 created an exceptional platform for knowledge exchange, professional connections, and personal rejuvenation. It stood as a testament to the power of bringing together industry professionals in an environment that personified luxury and fostered genuine interactions.

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