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Posted by: Cathy Follett, President of EM NARI, CEO of Renovisions

Following a 2020 most of us would like to forget, the start of 2021 looks like a time for a surge. Most signs indicate that our remodeling industry is projecting solid growth, and many of us will enjoy a banner year. One of the silver linings to come out of covid-19 are the client meetings since we have perfected Zoom, Facetime, and Microsoft Teams that replaced the normal face-to-face interactions, consultations, and even job site visits. Having said this, I feel I am more productive and wasting less time driving here and there.

I believe remote business from e-design to e-commerce will not go away anytime soon. Design and management software enables our businesses to continue to grow and succeed. Despite these advances though, I find that clients want results faster than ever before, adding to our frustrations.

Our remodeling market continues to benefit from a strong housing market, and coupled with additional stimulus monies available, we are experiencing an overwhelming increase of inquiries for multiple projects. The Pandemic has added the extra burden for us to prepare clients for the rising construction and shipping costs, and extended lead times resulting from shortened production, shipping delays, shutdowns, and labor shortages. I feel communication with clients is key more than ever. Having conversations and sharing actual experiences to drive home the point that delays are real is in our best interest right now. That old saying,’ under-promise and over-deliver eliminates surprises and going the extra mile to satisfy customers is the best-added value to secure future work.

What strategies have you developed and used to manage client’s expectations?

Why not tune in to one of our ‘Remodelers Conversations’ on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4 PM for a Zoom meeting? We will discuss challenges and strategies for operating during these difficult times. Ladies, perhaps join the ‘Women in Remodeling Conversation–Monthly Discussion Forum’ on the second Thursday of the month to connect, engage and chat about relevant topics that are top of mind. Sharing invaluable tips from women in our industry will provide solutions to many of our common issues and concerns. Stay informed with our industry professionals in these virtual meetings, which are FREE to the entire membership and include all levels of experience. They will allow us to connect, share experiences, and offer insights into best practices for managing your business.

The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them- Preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.

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