Creating and Making Money with a Real Lead Carpenter System

Posted by Justin Zeller, CR, Red House Custom Building, V. P. of EM NARI and Chair of Marketing/PR Committee on 11 December 2018 | 0 Comments

A large turnout showed support for nationally recognized speaker and trainer, Shawn McCadden. His topic at the dinner meeting resonated with a significant portion of EM NARI membership.  Shawn is a veteran EM NARI member who used the Lead Carpenter System to grow his own business to multi-million dollar revenues. He was eventually able to sell that remodeling business due to the stability and growth opportunities the LC system provided. He claimed that the LC system, in part, is allowing him to retire in 2019 at the age of 60!

6E9C3221rt FBSo, what difference does the Lead Carpenter System make for a business? Shawn explained how the LC system keeps a productive, engaged member of the team onsite. This allows business owners to “handle endless details at the source,” increase client confidence that the job is handled well, create change orders “on the spot”, and encourage employee career advancement and self-sufficiency.

What hurdles do business owners face when implementing the system? Make it real. There are many misconceptions of what makes a true Lead Carpenter. According to Shawn, the roles are pretty clear: “If your lead carpenters don’t have a copy of your estimate, you don’t have a real lead carpenter system,” Shawn said. He went on to lay out the basic responsibilities of a NARI trained Lead Carpenter. In sum, these stipulate that the Lead is in charge of the job site, project schedule, quality, and customer satisfaction. For this to happen, the Lead must be given freedom to run the job within the framework of the System. This instills a sense of ownership over the project, which leads to a feeling of purpose. Using this system, the production management staff at a company can focus on revenue generating activities, instead of micromanaging carpenters and subs.

When do you start implementing the system? Now is the time. Shawn maintains that having the system in place from the start is easier than adopting the system later. EM NARI offers Certified Lead Carpenter trainings at intervals during the year. Reach out to our staff to learn more. These study groups serve as a great starting point for owners, production managers, and Lead Carpenters to create and grow within a true Lead Carpenter System.

6E9C3234rt FBDuring the December meeting Tom Hart, Chair of the Education Committee presented Ryan Wagner of Wagner Development with both his CLC and UDCP certifications.

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Thank you to evening’s sponsor Mark One, Inc.  who once again led a successful Toys For Tots drive as part of the meeting.

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