PRO New England has played an instrumental role in the success of Lavallee Systems. Over a decade ago, at the urging of a contractor we had approached to work with, we joined the group. Since then, we have created enduring relationships that have helped us grow our business, and helped me develop invaluable skills as a business owner. Not only do we benefit from the connections and information at the PRO New England meetings, but we have the chance to give back to our community, our industry, and the next generation. Joining PRO – and then getting involved through committees – has made a significant and lasting impact on the success of our business.

Jim Lavallee, Lavallee Systems

Joining PRO New England was one of the most important and pivotal points in my remodeling career. That period marks a time when I was coming to understand how little I knew about running a remodeling business. The New England group of remodelers and members warmly took me in when I was looking for a source of education and training. They became my mentors and sounding blocks. The welcoming, open-door culture of the community allowed me to continually ask questions and learn about everything from margins, to labor issues, to the future of the economy. Being in the group since 2014, I still learn from the programming and the people at every single meeting. And, I get the chance to pay it forward, passing knowledge and experience along to those who are struggling to sort out the messy business of remodeling.

Justin Zeller, Red House Custom Building

We joined PRO New England to gain industry-specific education. We were thrilled to not only receive referrals from existing members but also to receive inquiries through the website from potential clients.

Catherine M. Follett, Renovisions