It’s all about you. Thank you, Tim Faller!!

Posted by: Asher Nichols, owner of Asher Nichols & Craftsmen, and Director Chair of Workforce Development Committee

Remodelers Advantage says, “It’s all about you.” That has a great ring to it!

“Hey, Tim Faller!” It’s all about you! THANK YOU for being a positive part of our broad and diverse World of Skilled Trades and Workforce Development.

A few weeks ago, our organization ( hosted over 250 participants in a ZOOM gathering. Our host was Tim Faller from Remodelers Advantage and the Tim Faller Show (Podcast). AND what an amazing gift to share with the universe of young minds interested in the Skilled Trades!?!

Tim brought much to the table from his career of 30+ years in the business of Residential construction. Tim shared technical knowledge, theory, and some commonsense approaches in this dynamic audio/visual presentation. He spoke about the components of a “Deck” or floor structure and how to figure materials for a project like a simple home addition. It was amazing to see pictures of the process and hear anecdotes for a flavor of a real project process. Tim has the approach to get the information out there in a simple way and let it bounce around in people’s heads for a minute. His knowledge is passed along in a casual and positive way, which makes Triangle Theory and Gross-Profit Margin seem less dense to a Highschool student! I think we all understand the connection between healthy businesses and opportunities for Students out in the working world.

His organization trains business owners in systems and processes to create positive change in their organizations. And each week, Tim hosts a Podcast highlighting production skills or issues to consider in your own business.

One of our esteemed members, Bob Williams ( was instrumental in arranging this event. THANK YOU, Bob Williams!!

“Hey, EM_NARI Member! It’s all about you! Would you like to share your knowledge? We need help!

“Hey, Career Tech Education teacher! It’s all about you!

Each of us can bring something to the table and we all can grow from being AT the table. Sharing knowledge from around the community, region, and nation is essential to the health of our industry. There should be many more opportunities in the future for this type of knowledge sharing. It is essential to keep students that are currently interested in a rewarding career in the trades, in the Trades!

THANK YOU for dedicating your time and energy, creating interest and involvement in the Skilled Trades. We are at the table beside you!


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