How EOS Helps PROs

“EOS has been THE difference in helping to organize, standardize, and grow our business into a predictable, profitable, and sustainable organization. Like any new operating system, it does require focus and discipline to implement, but for us, now in our 7th year running it, our team is completely aligned and rowing in unison.  From establishing quarterly, yearly, and long term goals and plans, to effectively evaluating individuals, to creating a scorecard for all to see what “winning” looks like in each role of the business.”

-Eric Adams, Adams + Beasley Associates

“My company has been using EOS model for almost 2 years. We struggled for years, growing the company from a mom and pop organization to an organized operation. The systematic process EOS brings has allowed us to build systems that are clear to everyone in the operation. Prior to this we had many good hard-working people aiming their efforts in many directions.
It’s also helped our operation become more efficient which of equals be better profitability.”
– Rob Way, Robert Way Construction, Inc.


“I read Traction in 2018 during a week-long family trip. I returned to the office and immediately implemented the L-10 meeting agenda to replace our weekly sales/production meeting. That was the start of a huge transformation in our business. Since then, we’ve fully implemented EOS in each department. It keeps us all aligned on how our daily actions all point toward our future goals. One significant difference I’ve noticed is during the hiring process: the hiring teams consistently refer back to short and long-term goals and EOS processes as a way to check for the right fit with core values and roles.”
-Justin Zeller, Red House Design Build 

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