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Preserving history and tradition while providing comfort and efficiency in mechanical systems is always a delicate balance. Lavallee Systems’ latest project with Kevin Cradock Builders took on an 1884 Queen Anne home in Brookline to create modern comfort and maintain the tradition. The home is set on Pill Hill with grounds designed by famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. The area gets the “Pill Hill” name because many of its residents were physicians that worked in nearby hospitals and research institutions in the mid-19th century.

Kevin Cradock Builders engaged LS to design and implement a plumbing system that would enhance their extensive renovation, which includes added bathrooms along with bathroom renovations. In addition to renovated baths, the homeowner wanted high-efficiency boilers, radiant heat, and several other amenities to make their newly renovated home warm and comfortable.

The Lavallee Systems plumbing team designed a plan that would incorporate a more energy-efficient system and responsive system to meet the homeowner’s needs. They decided to install new high-efficiency Triangle tube boilers. These two boilers have an efficiency rating of 95%, turndown ratios of up to 5.5:1 as well as multiple zone control, which makes this the perfect fit for this remodel. It will give the owner security and a quick response time to keep them warm and comfortable.

LS also added radiant heat and hydro-fan coils. Radiant heating gives the feeling of subtle warmth- like a warm stove from across the room. The heating systems supply heat directly to the floor or panels in the wall and deliver heat from the hot surface via infrared radiation. The hydro-fan coils take heat from hot water and transfer it to a forced-air duct, managed with a water-to-air heat exchanger and blower.


The team also incorporated a product for the boiler piping called Aquatherm. This heat fusion-style piping will not corrode or weaken over time. Many in the industry believe this is a superior alternative to materials currently being used – such as steel, stainless steel, and plastics. There is no glue, solder, or gaskets on the connection since Aquatherm is installed using “heat fusion.” This fusion creates a permanent leak-free connection that will keep the homeowner’s basement leak-free.


It is not easy to make piping and boiler work look great, but the technicians at Lavallee Systems are doing their best to make that happen. The project managers on the job are pleased with the install and the look of the plumbing and piping work.

Lavallee Systems is halfway done with the project and excited to continue with the work at this remodel. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates on the project.

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