Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Day

EM NARI members gathered in Salisbury on Saturday, October 10th, to volunteer their time to complete the Habitat for Humanity homes slated for the Rivera and Fleming/Vitale families.  Bob from Star Construction has organized this event with EM NARI for several years, and members always enjoy using their skills to help those in need.  Volunteers from Divine Stoneworks, FBN Construction, Lavallee Systems, and Star Construction spent their Saturday helping Habitat for Humanity to finish the homes for these deserving families.

The Rivera family has faced several challenges over the years and finds strength in each other.  Jessica is a hard-working mother of 4 who works 40-70 hours a week and the sole provider for her family.

Their living situation has not always been stable, sometimes even finding themselves homeless.  The family currently resides in a three-bedroom with the girls sharing a room and the boys sharing a room.  The tight quarters make it difficult for the family to have multiple beds and proper storage for their belongings.

Jessica’s two oldest children Jessica Jr. and Greg, have graduated from high school through all of these struggles.  The family is looking forward to owning their own home and having the stability to move forward with the next steps to their future.

The Fleming/Vitale family of Becky, Francis, and Tyler is looking forward to moving into their new home.  Becky and Francis have worked over their years to keep Tyler, her grandnephew, who she has custody of, healthy, safe, happy, and in their care.  Becky works in the medical field, and Francis is retired and takes care of Tyler after school.  The opportunity through Habitat for Humanity will allow Becky and Francis to instill the cherished values of being proud, loyal, and hard-working in Tyler and be living examples of this.

Becky and Francis want to provide a permanent, affordable home for Tyler.  Their previous moves from different rental properties became expensive, and they strived for the stability of a home for Tyler.  They look forward to the opportunity to own their own home, pay their mortgage, and put an end to the constant struggle.

Thank you again to the members from Divine Stoneworks, FBN Construction, Lavallee Systems, and Star Construction for taking the time out of their busy schedules to help make the Rivera and Fleming/Vitale family’s dreams come true.

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