Finding the Value in NARI

Posted by Michelle Glassburn, Executive Director of EM NARI

Membership in NARI means something different to everyone. We talk often about the great educational programs and the opportunity to connect with peers, but really there is so much more.  Last summer at a national NARI meeting in Chicago, the chapter in Dallas offered a great graphic that captures many of the often-forgotten ways that NARI serves its members.  Check it out and let us highlight a few!

The Value of EM NARI.jpg

Referrals:  Did you know that NARI membership is a great way to grow your business? Beyond your directory listing, referrals from other members can open the doors for new clients. Want to get started? First, the best way to earn those referrals is by regular participation – make sure you attend NARI events and get to know fellow members. Then, start by finding ways to refer some new business to another member first. Eventually that effort will be repaid.

Brand Credibility: Set yourself apart from your competitors by including information about your NARI involvement in your marketing efforts.  You can include the EM NARI logo on your website, create blog posts about your CotY winning projects, send a press release about your involvement in a community service or youth program, or include information about your NARI certifications in your print materials.  Touch base with us for support on how you can use your NARI involvement to enhance your credibility!

Government Affairs: Both nationally, and on the local level, NARI is working to keep you informed about the legislation and regulations that impact your business. We are also actively working to make sure the voice of the remodeling industry is heard by lawmakers. Keep an eye out for our newsletters to learn more about the legislative information that impacts you. And if there are ways we can advocate better for you, let us know.

So while we are pretty excited about all the amazing educational programs we offer, and the chance to connect with colleagues to share information and best practices, be sure to check out some new ways to find extra value in your NARI membership this year!

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