Familial Threads in Business: A Holiday Season Reflection

By Nick Andriolo, Roma Tile Co. Inc.

When a customer asks me how long I have worked at Roma Tile I say, “I’ve been pushing a broom since I could walk!” While the response is tongue in cheek, there is truth in it. Roma Tile is a family business, which means it has been a part of my life for as far as I can remember. I have worked here for 5+ years as a “full-time working adult” but I have been here for much longer. Part-time during college, summers in the warehouse, and all the way back to when I was a kid tagging along with my Dad, Uncle, and Grandfather to tile showroom displays on the weekend or to clear out our parking lot after snowstorms. For me, business and family have always been intertwined. Dinner table conversations often delved into business, to which I am sure a few other PRO NE members can relate.

I consider myself fortunate to be part of an industry I enjoy, working alongside both my family and stakeholders who have become an extended family. Roma Tile is equally fortunate to have many long-tenured employees – 15, 20, and even 30+ years – as well as loyal customers and vendors. The secret to these enduring relationships is simple: we care. In our organization, everyone cares about each other and does what is right. This caring attitude allows us to be attentive to individual needs, fostering an environment where people can flourish and deliver a quality experience to our customers. The holiday season embodies this caring attitude.

As the holiday season is upon us—with Hanukkah recently passed and Christmas and New Year’s fast approaching—I encourage you to reflect and spend quality time with your loved ones. While I am privileged to spend every day at work with some of my family members, the holidays provide an opportunity to connect with extended family and friends. Sharing meals, traditions, and, especially, quality time together embodies the true spirit of the holiday season.

I wish you all a peaceful and joyous holiday. May you get to spend quality time with family and friends (hopefully with many Christmas cookies and maybe a glass, or two, of your chosen adult beverage)! 

From my big Italian family to yours, buone feste e buon anno nuovo (Happy Holidays and Happy New Year)!

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