Designing Success: A Year Ahead with Creative Vision and Lessons Learned

By Meg McSherry, Meg McSherry Interiors

In the dynamic realm of interior design, the pursuit of excellence is an unending journey. I’m thrilled to share insights into my world as we delve into professional goals, team dynamics, reflections on the past year’s lessons, and the boundless aspirations shaping the future. 

Charting the Course for Success 

I always strive for better projects each year. For me, a ‘better project’ means a healthy budget, a scope that covers every surface and material in a home, top-notch architects and builders included on the team, and a client who wants to focus on quality and details. I’m all about quality over quantity! 

Other goals include a continued focus on networking with other professionals in the industry and deepening the relationships I already have with peers.

Cultivating Creativity Within the Team 

My team changed and grew a lot in 2023. I spent substantial time examining our strengths and weaknesses, honing in on the roles necessary for healthy growth. It was a significant investment both financially and emotionally. I am very open with my team about the current circumstances, my focus, and what I envision for us. My hope is that by sharing so openly, it helps them feel included in the direction the firm is taking, empowers them to be part of the growth, and assures them that their thoughts and feedback are valued. 

To infuse creativity into our dynamic team, we’re gearing up for an exciting winter field trip to New York City. We are visiting showrooms and vendors that aren’t represented locally. We’ve been compiling our list of ‘must visits’ for months and are genuinely excited.

Lessons Learned: Guiding Principles 

Reflecting on the past year, lessons learned serve as guiding principles for the future and there’s always a handful of lessons and reminders. 

A few reminders that 2023 brought to me?

  • Keep identifying the red flags and keep them out of your business. They are a red flag for a reason.
  • Do not revise your contract or fees, no matter how good the potential project seems to be. Stick to your guns.
  • Your intuition is always right. Don’t question it.
  • Being direct is always best. 
  • You won’t get it if you don’t ask for it. 

You might laugh, but I often stick a post it note on my screen prior to a Zoom or call, with said reminder on it! It encourages me to hold strong.

Envisioning the Future: Evolution and Expansion 

The funny thing about the interior design business is that there is such a delay in showing the work we do. Projects that we started years ago will finally be photographed and shared in 2024. There are a few projects that are quite different from what we have done previously,  and we are so excited for people to see them and discover that we are skilled in many different styles of work. 

For example, we have a project that showcases our interpretation of traditional design, while another project goes in a different direction with tons of Scandinavian inspired pieces and a variety of color.  When we share these projects it automatically generates more views, inquiries and interest. It will be fascinating to see what future projects come our way as a result of these past projects.

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