Bread, Unity, and Warmth: Highlights of the PRO NE October Member Meeting

By Rachel Diffendal-Teza, PRO New England

On the evening of October 4th, a fall favorite made its return, Sterritt’s very own Mrs. Claudia’s homemade bread. This delightful treat was just one of the many highlights of the PRO NE October Member meeting, hosted graciously by F. D. Sterritt Lumber. 

Caption: Mrs. Claudia’s array of homemade breads.

Amidst an unseasonably warm October evening, guests gathered to enjoy a delightful evening that encompassed more than just a warm welcome. An open bar, the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread, and the camaraderie of kindred spirits created an atmosphere of genuine warmth and hospitality. As the sun set, food trucks parked in the lumber yard hummed with activity, serving delicious fare to an appreciative crowd. It was a night to mingle, network, and share laughter, all under the welcoming banner of F.D. Sterritt Lumber. 

Caption: From left: Robert Way, Robert Way Construction, Kristen Rivoli, Kristen Rivoli Interior Design, Meg McSherry, Meg McSherry Interiors. 

This family-owned business’s unwavering commitment to their values and ethos was palpable throughout the event. The very essence of their warmth and sincerity mirrored the inviting atmosphere of the evening, where relationships were forged and nurtured. 

Caption: From left: Dan Abramson, simpleHome, Daniel Solow, SDI Boston.

Monthly member meetings stand as the lifeblood of PRO New England, a vital heartbeat that keeps the organization pulsing with energy and unity. These gatherings provide not just a platform for networking but also an opportunity to reunite with old friends, build new connections, and foster the collaborative spirit that lies at the core of the remodeling industry. 

Caption: From left: Kathy DeMeyer, Encore Construction, Tom Hart, Encore Construction, Kristin Mackin, F.D. Sterritt Lumber.

The October meeting exemplified the profound significance of coming together. It was a heartwarming illustration of how, by assembling in a convivial atmosphere, we not only enjoy a fun-filled evening but also maintain and create the connections that breathe life into our industry. 

Caption: Biscuit, Business & Life Partner of Marissa Spain, Collaborative Concepts.  

Having personally experienced the transformative power of these monthly meetings, I can attest to their integral role. Since joining PRO NE in late May, these gatherings have proven invaluable in helping me understand the essence of the organization and the diversity of our member base. Engaging in conversations with both seasoned members and newcomers has offered me helpful insights into what PRO NE truly stands for, generating a sense of excitement about the promising path we are forging together. As the bread was shared and laughter echoed through the lumber yard, the October meeting reinforced the belief that it’s the unity and connections we nurture that shape the future of our industry.

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