April Member Meeting at Divine Stoneworks

Posted by Melissa Bunis, Boston Stone Restoration, EM NARI PR Committee

April’s Member meeting was held at the gorgeous Divine Stone Works showroom in Ashland, MA. Members and guests mixed and mingled, share a story and a bit to eat before Dakota Lotz’s presentation on the “Secrets to Successful Big Brother Advertising”.  We have all had it happen to us. We walk into a store, or look at something on line, and even if we don’t purchase it, we start getting ads in our feed for just this store or product. Are the retailers tracking us and watching our every move?  Well, yes, in fact they are!!

April 3rd Group 3

April 3rd group 5

Dakota, who is mastermind at using social media to boost his business, gave a dynamic, if a bit scary, presentation on the ability of tracking and targeting potential customers on line. The goal is always to drive them to your website and this can be done in several ways. Several options are posting videos, blog posts, email marketing, etc.

DSCF1125rt FB

But how to get to the right audience is key. There are two topics that Dakota discussed in detail: retargeting and geofencing.

Retargeting is when you have a customer that visits your site but doesn’t click on anything or purchase anything.  Retargeting sends them an ad or periodically after the first visit to try to get them to click further our purchase.

DSCF1130rt FB

Geofencing is another cool tool you can use to drive traffic to your website.  Geofencing uses GPS technology to create a virtual geographic boundary enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. You can target home shows, similar businesses or complimentary businesses.  Once the mobile devise is in the geofence, it is tagged, and you can send you market to it.  It’s another to get your company message out to a specific target market.

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