All About the PRO Awards: Why PROs Enter

Companies – from one-person shops to the largest remodeling firms – know winning elevates their image. It strengthens your team and boosts morale. Winning a PRO Award provides marketing opportunities to set your business apart, and PRO New England provides tools and resources to make the most of this distinguished honor. You can’t win if you don’t enter. 

“There are few opportunities as valuable to local remodelers as the PRO Awards, which showcase the world-class talent of our membership. When you walk into the Red House studio, you’ll see the recognition we’ve earned since our first entry in 2015. These are great for clients to see, but more importantly, the PRO Awards is an essential moment to celebrate our team’s work, innovation, and design. Plus, it’s the best party of the year!” 

-Justin Zeller, Red House Design Build



“Winning a PRO Award had a great, positive impact. Winning increased our visibility to clients, vendors, and subcontractors. Our employees felt proud to be part of a winning team. Our clients love our competitive edge!”

-Cathy Follet, Renovisions



“The PRO Awards offers the opportunity for KitchenVisions to be noticed by my peers inside and outside the organization. It lends credence to the excellent work we do and the awards we have won are easily ‘pitched’ to various publications to be featured in their pages.”

-Jodi Swartz, KitchenVisions



Mark Mundorf, Red House Design Build | Patrick McShane-Shanley, Red House | Bridget Bacon, Red House

Marissa Spain, Collaborative Concepts | Jodi Swartz, KitchenVisions | Natasha Young, Young & Co. Design

Ed Spooner & Cathy Follet, Renovisions

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