A Time to Shine

Posted by: Cathy Follett, President of PRO Remodeling, CEO of Renovisions


After an unprecedented year, many of us are ready to celebrate- both new construction and residential remodeling remain solid, projecting well into 2022 and there is also something about the energy of summer with lighter-longer workdays that makes everything seem possible.

While today’s remodeling market is competitive, and despite the vast shortages, delays, and price increases, I believe as remodelers and allied professionals, it’s our time to shine.

We are excited and proud to transition to PRO-NE (Professional Remodeling Organization of New England). Being associated with an elite group of businesses is an intangible value that you provide to your clients in every project design, the product you sell and install. Leveraging the group’s educational opportunities, product knowledge and a great referral base will enhance your business and its systems.

Try not to cut yourself short on the value you bring to the table and charge for not only your labor quality, but for your reputation, reliability, expertise, and consultative skills.

How many of you have adapted since the covid conundrum? Have you innovated and put a new spin on your sales process? I believe many of us have, so go on and take a collective bow, and as we move forward with a positive spirit, let’s shine.


Catherine M Follett



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