A Serious Look at the PRO Awards…By Your Not-So-Serious Emcee

Posted by Amy Cafazzo, Owner of Studio A Marketing

When I was asked to host the PRO Awards last January, my first thoughts were, “Wow, what an honor to be asked, but what the heck am I going to say?” and “How are we going to organize the event?” and “Am I really the best person for the job?”

Up until 2019, the PRO Awards followed a tried-and-true script. Sure, we called them something different (what did we call them??? hmmm…. I think it rhymed with Boat-y), but they were essentially the same: we gathered together to celebrate the best remodeling projects while enjoying delicious food and cocktails. The PRO Awards Committee had the event down to a science and it was always a wonderful evening. (And let’s give another shout-out to the judges who spent hours and hours meticulously reviewing each submission! That’s a much harder job than hosting the event!)

Then 2020 happened and we had to “pivot” just like everyone else. Our former ED, the incomparable Michelle Glassburn, and I hosted virtual, pre-recorded ceremonies in 2020 and 2021. I got to brush off my media spokesperson skills from my life in the corporate world. If there were any flubs, we could go back and re-record segments as needed.

But virtual awards lack the special quality of an in-person event. What makes PRO so special is the connections we have made. Many of us have been members for many years and our relationships have developed from “colleagues” to “colleagues and friends.” We are there to support one another, helping our businesses grow and thrive through events that take place throughout the year. Whether it’s fostering the growth of trade students through the TradesUp Inc. Scholarship Program, attending a monthly meeting with a dynamic speaker, or participating in Women in Remodeling (WIRE) talks, PRO members are enriched by our shared interest and investment in the remodeling industry.

This year the energy in the room was palpable at the PRO Awards after the two-year hiatus. It was thrilling to be TOGETHER as we honored our colleagues/friends with well-deserved achievement awards.

So for all the jokes I may have made on June 1st, I was honored to have been a part of an incredible night celebrating with all of you, my friends and colleagues!

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