A New Discussion Series: Good 4 Biz & our Workforce  

Posted by: Asher Nichols, owner of Asher Nichols & Craftsmen, and Director Chair of Workforce Development Committee


The REALITY of the 4-Day Work Week

It’s not a myth, you can do it!!

Obviously, if it’s hard, it’s usually worth doing, so let’s get after it!

Who’s our audience on this topic?

Hey PRO-New England Business Owner!! Realistically, it’s not for YOU, it’s for the Carpenters and then “kinda” for you. You could be a Remodeling Contractor with 2-6 W-2 Carpenters on staff. You are not a single-person GC with only 1099 Trade Partners. If you have a payroll of field personnel, this could resonate with you.

Why is this new schedule “Good for Business”? Ultimately, any business decision we make has to make sense and be “Good 4 Biz”. Working 1 less day in the field has some naturally beneficial effects. In future articles, we will explore how to boost your bottom line by leveraging this newfound weekly efficiency.

What has to change “structurally” to make this work?

Change will be hard, but worth the effort. How many years in your ownership of your business have you had to adapt to unanticipated challenges? You’re still here so good for you! Remember that you CAN do it! The first thing is to adjust how you think and talk about the workweek. The 4-day workweek might seem at first like you’re slacking on Fridays, but YOU are still working, the field crew is recovering. Carpentry is physically demanding. Carpenters need rest to be the best!!

How does this tie into Work Force Development (WFD)?

Again, Carpenters need rest to be the best!! From the perspective of your in-house WorkForce (Carpenters), having Fridays off is awesome and with young families and younger generations of carpenters, Work/Life BALANCE is pretty important. We, as Biz Owners, need to foster an environment where Carpenters feel supported and valued. They need to get excited about starting a journey in Carpentry as part of a viable CAREER path.

More to come……

***This will be a multi-part OpEd to encourage other Biz-Owners to consider the 4-day work week.

We want to hear from you! Share your struggles and successes with your PRO-NE WFD Support Team.

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  1. As a member for 26 years EM NARI. I HAD AS MANY AS 11 employees in the field. All employees. We worked a four day. 40 hour week from 1982. To 2020
    Great be if it’s to all including the client. Less set up and break downs less coffee and lunch. And gas to run vehicles . More productive in the ten hours I relate it to recycling. That I grew up In the early 60s and composting as well. Give it try. Friday off. And when there is a Monday holiday. What a break.

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