5 Things You Should be Doing on Social Media Right Now

Posted by Lauren Metter, Founder + President, Metter Media


Branded, Cohesive Instagram Aesthetics

One of the biggest trends in social media marketing right now is curated, cohesive Instagram aesthetics for your business. People in this day and age tend to use social media profiles more than they use websites when researching a company, so it’s important that people can get a sense of what your business is about after looking at your Instagram feed for about three seconds.

Focus on things like using your brand fonts + colors from your website and other branded materials and making the feed look cohesive and connected. You can use elements like marble or tile texture, and slider or 3-across posts to tie together the feed.


Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are basically their own channel now — and you’ll notice a way larger number of people view your stories as opposed to interacting with feed posts. There’s a reason for this! It’s because Instagram’s algorithm prevents your posts from being seen. By using Instagram Stories, you can get around that. If you use location geotags on every story, people who are in those locations who have never seen your business before can also see it! Marketing *gold*.

Instagram Stories are great for behind-the-scenes content, fun interactive aspects like polls and question stickers, and spotlighting designers or partners that will reshare your story.


Influencer Marketing

You most likely work with a network of designers, architects, and partners who supply you with their products — have you ever checked how many Instagram followers they have? In the remodeling industry, there are *tons* of interior designers and suppliers that have large followings on social media, and a majority of those followers are your target audience — they’re looking for tips for remodeling their own homes.

Use remodeling influencers to your advantage! If you’re partnering with a designer or supplier on an upcoming project, ask if they’d be down to partner with you on getting the word out about their project and your services. You could even offer them a small discount on their project in exchange. Once they agree, create a one-sheet of expectations of what you want them to share on social and ask them to tag your business when they post. Then, not only will you be getting their thousands of followers to see your business, but you can also reshare their stories and posts onto your feeds.


Before & Afters

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include a couple content-focused tips in this article. One of the all-time best performing posts you could ever do in the remodeling industry is a spectacular, jaw-dropping before & after of a project you worked on. You can position these as slider posts so your followers can slide back and forth between the before and afters of your projects, giving them a real “wow” effect every time they slide, and giving your brand lots of engagements. Just remember to take those before pics! 😉


People-focused Storytelling

At the end of the day, social media revolves around one thing and one thing only: people. The people on your team. The people whose homes you transform. The people behind the scenes working every day to build that new edition on that house. And the way people connect with your business will be by telling the stories of the people at that business. From staff spotlights, to builder tips, to designer spotlights, be sure you’re showing faces and people as much as possible on your social media.


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