5 SIMPLE Steps to Help Grow Carpenters Locally

Posted by Asher Nichols, Owner of Asher Nichols & Craftsmen and Director Chair of Workforce Development Committee


Did you see last month’s article?? “Why you CAN afford to hire a Carpentry Student right now!” (Click Here).

5 SIMPLE Steps to Help Grow Carpenters Locally

Carpentry students are ready to learn and they will soak up whatever you show them. They just need positive experiences to help guide their expanding interests. The road back is long, but we got this! WE are not alone. EM_NARI is behind us and a groundswell of Trade-centric energy nationally!

The steps below should give you the confidence to be a host for a Carpentry Student in your local area.

Step 1: SAFETY

First things first, commit to the simple task of providing PPE to keep everyone safe while working. If this is a leap for you, STOP here. You have an obligation to keep your people safe. https://www.osha.gov/


Talk to your carpentry crew about having a Carpentry Student onsite and how they (your crew) should behave. Decide who in your company will show the Carpentry Student some interesting things in an interesting way. This might seem silly, but you might be the best person to sell your trade with the same passion you sell a project or boost morale in your company.


Pick a timeframe of the experience. Is it 2 hours at the end of the day or a Saturday morning? Is it a week during Winter Break or a month during Summer? Anytime is fine and try starting with a short time.


Discuss the options available to move to and from the job site. If it’s a short time, you may be able to help. Parents ARE eager to help, too. Students have bikes. Some students even walk to job sites after school.


Consider a small positive token like a gift card or small tool given. This will leave you both with a good feeling. I remember when I completed my COOP at Shawmut in Boston, my co-workers gave me a gift and said thank you. I made a lot of mistakes during my time there, but the compassion during the process kept me high on the industry. Remember your reasons for starting/staying in the trade.

We want to hear from you! Share your struggles and successes with your @EM_NARI Support Team.

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