26 Home Design Trends for 2020

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We’ve compiled our favorite 26 home design trends for 2020! Take a look and see which elements will be in every stylish home this coming year. Some new ideas are hitting the scene – get ready! If you are thinking about remodeling your home – start your inspiration hunt right now!

26 Design Trends for 2020:

1. Blue

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue. Already, the color is starting to pop up in stores and your Instagram feed – but its popularity is only going to grow for home interiors. Furnishings, soft goods, and cabinetry will be popular choices for blue in various shades. It is particularly striking as a deep, dark blue wall like in this Providence, Rhode Island condo remodel below.

Providence Condo Remodel

Deep blue walls might be this year’s trend, but they reflect a classic, timeless style featured in this Providence condo remodel. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

 2. Statement Lighting

Luxe lighting is having a moment right now. There are countless incredible options available on the market – especially pendant lights. Decorative lighting can transform a room and should be a design focus for anyone planning out a new space. This high-end East Greenwich, RI living room features 3 different types of lighting to highlight the design features, including strip lighting to accentuate the recessed-paneled ceilings and a unique chandelier. In the second photo, the 3 pendant lights above the kitchen island are a stylish way to brighten your culinary workspace. Finally, a truly striking example, the statement lighting of this Providence condo remodel adds drama to the stairwell.

East Greenwich RI living room remodel

Luxe lighting featured in this high-end East Greenwich, RI living room remodel. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

Newport kitchen island remodel pendant lights

Pendant lights by Visual Comfort Co decorate this Newport kitchen renovation. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

Providence condo remodel statement lighting

Statement lighting creates a dramatic effect in this Providence condo stairwell. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

3. Bathroom Wallpaper

Fun, colorful wallpaper is making powder rooms pop in 2020! Looking to surprise your guests with a little bit of whimsy and show off some of your unique personality? There are endless options for high-end wallcoverings right now. Wallpaper is no longer the outdated, saccharine style of the 80s-90s – it has matured into a maximalist aesthetic moment. Floral prints (like the first East Greenwich half bath), art deco motifs (as seen in the black and white East Side of Providence historic remodel), and Chinoiserie (in the vibrant emerald green East Greenwich powder room) are the current pattern frontrunners.

Floral print wallpaper half bath remodel East Greenwich RI

Beautiful floral “Fontainebleau” wallpaper by Cole and Son in this East Greenwich, RI half bath renovation. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

Art deco wallpaper East Side of Providence RI bathroom

Black and white Art Deco wallpaper in this half bath in a historic remodel on the East Side of Providence, RI. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

East Greenwich RI bathroom wallpaper renovation

York Wallcoverings “Egrets” – a striking emerald green chinoiserie print – in this East Greenwich, RI powder room makeover. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

4. Dark Color Palettes

Next up – moody and elegant, dark color palettes can be a welcome color addition for maximalists and minimalists alike. In 2020, we will see a huge surge in dark color palettes for every room of the house, especially bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Black, dark blue, and dark grey are the most popular choices. The Warwick, RI  master bath below showcases how elegant dark walls can be in your home. The black accents create depth to the room that might otherwise appear flat.

Dark Color Palettes Interior Design trends 2020 bathroom design

This East Greenwich, RI master bathroom features dark walls elegantly contrasted against the white cabinetry.

5. Extra-Long Kitchen Islands

The bigger the better. According to Houzz market research, 60% of kitchen remodels now contain islands – and 1/3 of kitchen remodels now opt for islands bigger than 7 feet! What to do with all of that prime real estate? The bigger space allows for multifunctional zones – seating for meals, prep areas, cooking, or even a beverage cooler. The XL island can be customized to meet your family’s needs – like this island from a first-floor renovation in East Greenwich, RI  that spans over 11 feet! Make your new island the command center of your kitchen.

Interior design trends 2020 extra long kitchen island

This kitchen island from a first-floor renovation in East Greenwich, RI has ample counter space and seating for 6. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

6. Arches

Arches started coming back into popularity recently and we won’t see them retreating any time soon. The timeless look adds an elegant style to any room. The curves evoke a natural calmness and take the eye on a gentle journey through your space. Arches can be used in all sorts of applications such as doorways (like this secret under-the-stairs powder room in the Blackstone Boulevard historic remodel), window treatments (seen in the large windows in the light-filled East Greenwich, RI bathroom), and in hallways (like the arched hallway of the East Greenwich historic renovation).

interior design trends 2020 arches

A hidden powder room in this historic home has a unique arched doorway. The curved wainscotting accentuates the fluidity of the space. Located on the East Side of Providence, RI. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

interior design trends 2020 arches

High cathedral ceilings give a light and airy feeling to this bathroom renovation. A large, arched window adds a unique quality, located in East Greenwich, RI. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

interior design trends 2020 arches

This arched hallway in an East Greenwich, RI historic renovation peaks curiosity in the viewer as to what is to come. Special thanks to KEP Interiors for the interior styling on this project.

 7. Cathedral Ceilings

High ceilings are a design trend that’s here to stay.  Cathedral ceilings can make any room immediately feel more open and luxurious. Pair vaulted ceilings with statement lighting (like the East Greenwich kitchen below) or exposed wooden beams and you’ve got a recipe for greatness.

Cathedral ceilings interior design trends 2020

The cathedral ceilings in this East Greenwich home draw the eye upward and elevate the style of the room. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

Cathedral ceilings interior design trends 2020

This Newport, RI total home remodel saw big improvements to the space with the addition of cathedral ceilings with exposed beams. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

8. Matte Black

Matte black is powering up to be one of the biggest design trends of 2020. This treatment can be used in a myriad of applications throughout the home, but our favorite is in the kitchen. The most popular features to use matte black in 2020 are faucets, sinks, or in the case of this walk-in pantry, countertops made of bombproof, Fireslate. Bathrooms will also see the rising popularity of matte black, including unique freestanding bathtubs.

interior design trends 2020 matte black

This walk-in pantry features matte black countertops made out of bombproof Fireslate. Located in East Greenwich, RI. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

9. Wood Paneling

It may come as a surprise to many people that wood paneling is making a comeback. Today, this once-dated style is showing up in 2020 in a brand new way. Dark or cool-toned stains give the wall treatment a more modern appeal. In this transformed third-floor media room, the wood paneling at chair rail height wrapping up the staircase looks smooth and sleek.

interior design trends 2020 wood paneling

The subtle wood paneling coming up the staircase of this remodeled third-floor media room showcase the modern usage of the historic wall treatment – located on the East Side of Providence. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

10. Farmer’s sinks

No Surprise here. Farmer’s sinks have been one of the most requested kitchen items of the last couple of years – and we couldn’t be happier about it. These large sinks pair function with style – you can’t go wrong installing one of these in your new kitchen. The sink in this Newport kitchen remodel below is the perfect example. Expect to see more customization in farmer’s sinks coming up in 2020, new colors (like matte black or copper), textures, and custom printed patterns.

interior design trends 2020 kitchen farmers sink

The deep basin of the farmers sink in this Newport kitchen remodel is practical and stylish. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

12. Walk-in Showers

If your space allows it, your master bathroom is not complete without a walk-in shower. This luxurious feature is a beautiful focal point for the room. Not only do these showers look better (check out the beautiful East Side of Providence master bath), but they are more practical for those with accessibility concerns. With no ledge to step over and enough room for a bench seat (like in the East Greenwich master bath), these showers are the ultimate universal design.

Interior design trends 2020 walk-in showers

A beautiful, glass, freestanding shower in a renovated historic home located on the East Side of Providence. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

Interior design trends 2020 walk-in showers

Warm earth tones and bench seating make this walk-in shower feel very inviting – located in East, Greenwich, RI. Special thanks to KEP Interiors for her work on interior styling on this project.

13. Pops of Color

The new modern look isn’t stark or minimal. Today’s modern is embedded with a bit more character than the basic, neutral styles of the past. In 2020 and beyond, Millenial Modern will feature pops of color mixed with sleek, high-end appliances – the best of both worlds. Unexpected color choices will make appearances in all rooms, but especially in kitchens (like this Bonnet Shores, RI Beach Cottage Renovation). Find ways to weave that color throughout the rest of the house through soft goods, furniture, and decor for a sophisticated, cohesive design.

interior design trends 2020 pops of color kitchen

A beautiful aqua blue is the perfect pop of color in this Bonnet Shores beach bungalow kitchen remodel. Special thanks to KEP Interiors for the interior styling.

14. Slab Backsplashes

Subway tile might still reign supreme for backsplashes right now, but in 2020, we will see a rise in slab backsplashes too. The striking effect has an uninterrupted style, without all the noise of grout lines and hundreds of individual tiles. Slab backsplashes are generally a continuation of the same material as the countertops, like the white quartz with large veining in this East Greenwich, RI contemporary kitchen remodel. Plus, without all those grout lines, slab backsplashes are a dream to keep clean.

interior design trends 2020 kitchen slab backsplash

Striking white quartz with dark grey veining in this slab backsplash gives a contemporary look to this East Greenwich, RI kitchen renovation. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

15. Earth Tones

Earth tones are here for 2020 and we are loving it! The once drab color palette is now modern, warm, and refreshing to see after years of prominent shades of grey. This historic restoration master bedroom in East Greenwich is a great example of how earth tones can bring elegance to a room.  Shades of green and autumnal colors will also be making a big appearance in the coming year.

Interior design trends 2020 earth tones

This gorgeous master bedroom with high cathedral ceilings is made warm and inviting with the intimate earth tone palette. Special thanks to KEP Interiors for the interior styling of this project.

16. Freestanding tubs

One of our favorite 2020 home trends is the freestanding tub. It is the perfect addition to give your master bath a spa-like experience. The freestanding tub has a greater depth than traditional tubs while also appearing to take up less space. It looks sleek and elegant – ideal for anyone looking for a modern update. The East Greenwich bathroom featured below showcases a beautiful freestanding tub/walk-in shower combo.  In 2020, we might see matte black freestanding tubs become increasingly popular. Treat yourself to some self-care!

Interior design trends 2020 freestanding tub

A deep, freestanding tub gives this master bath a spa-like feel – located in East Greenwich, RI. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

17. Butcher block island tops

Butcher-block countertops are an excellent choice for many kitchen styles. Craftsman, farmhouse, or transitional kitchens all look great with this wooden feature – but they are also prime for a historic remodel – like in this renovation on the East Side of Providence. Wooden island tops are a warm alternative to the traditional all-white kitchen. A butcher block island top could compliment another 2020 design trend – earth tones. We will be seeing a lot more usage of organic materials in designs this year. They look especially nice paired with a hardwood floor.

Interior design trends 2020 kitchen island butcher block countertops

On the East Side of Providence, this historic remodel features a large eat-in kitchen island with a “butcher block” wooden countertop. The wooden top helps ground the room in its rich past while the white walls and cabinetry give it a modern sensibility. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

18. Mosaics

Mosaics have been a home design trend forever – literally. The first mosaics appeared in Mesopotamia about five thousand years ago, so it’s pretty safe to say that you can’t go wrong with a mosaic in your home. There are countless ways to feature mosaics – backsplashes, full floors, or medallions (like this Portsmouth waterfront home). It’s a great option for an entryway, a bathroom, or incorporated into your landscaping.

Interior design trends 2020 mosaics Portsmouth, RI

This stunning circular mosaic is the perfect welcome home greeting in this Portsmouth waterfront home.

19. Tiled bathtub aprons

The bathtub apron is the finished front-facing area of a bathtub. In 2020, we will see a more ornate style in the tiling of this feature. It can be an affordable way to make your tub look high end – like in this Portsmouth waterfront home. Use the same tile as your floor or an unexpected material. We may see wood showing up more often in bathrooms as a 2020 trend.

Interior Design trends 2020 tiled bathtub aprons Portsmouth RI renovations

In this Portsmouth waterfront home, the continuation of the tile floor up the bathtub apron gives this master bath a unique visual appeal.

20. Classic Interiors

We will see a shift toward more traditional elements in the coming year. Furniture that is comfortable, vintage, and purposeful will be a prominent design trend. The buttery yellow and rounded corner alcove of this historic restoration in East Greenwich sets a peaceful tone in this classic, New England living room. Less is more with this look, but keep the materials soft and natural to not get overly modern.

Interior design trends 2020 classic interiors east greenwich RI

There is something completely refreshing about the simplicity of this classic living room, located in East Greenwich, RI. Special thanks to KEP Interiors for the interior styling on this project.

21. Dark wooden cabinets

Next, dark-stained wooden cabinets are going to have a revival in 2020 home design. These cool-toned, dark hues have romantic appeal and can make a small kitchen feel grand. Used as an accent color, the dark cabinetry adds a greater depth to an all-white room. The glass fronts on the Newport kitchen remodel below keep the wood from feeling too heavy. It’s a great option for a room with plenty of natural light.

Interior design trends 2020 dark wood cabinets east greenwich RI

The dark cabinetry under the double sinks in this East Greenwich master bath provides the perfect amount of contrast. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

Interior design trends 2020 dark wood cabinets east greenwich RI

Dark cabinets give a classic and romantic style to this East Greenwich, RI kitchen remodel. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

22. Statement doorknobs

Doorknobs might not be at the top of your list for your home renovations – but they can be a nice detail to elevate your space. In 2020, statement doorknobs will be a key piece of your design puzzle.  Notice how the clear doorknob with a gold base makes the design of the blue door in this Providence condo bathroom remodel appear more purposeful.

interior design trends 2020 statement doorknobs Providence

A clear doorknob with a gold base looks elegant against a deep blue door in this Providence condo remodel. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

23. Quartz Countertops

According to Houzz’s research, 28% of kitchen island installations include a quartz counter – and that number is sure to rise in 2020. Quartz is a more durable and practical choice than marble. It is stain and heat resistant. Quartz isn’t as prone to nicks and dents as other materials. Not only is it a smart choice, but quartz looks great too. The East Greenwich kitchen below utilized beautiful quartz for the kitchen counters, island, and backsplash. It is a great choice for contemporary or modern styled kitchens.

2020 interior design trends quartz countertops east greenwich RI

Beautiful white quartz countertops with large dark grey veining give a big style feature to an all-white kitchen. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

24. Black and white

With matte black details on the rise and white kitchens forever popular, the combination of black and white will be a staple design trend in 2020. Matte black countertops, sinks, and window sashes add visual complexity to all-white walls and trim. The walk-in pantry below features matte black countertops and pocket doors contrasted against white subway tile and custom cabinetry. It is a timeless look and on-trend for today.

2020 interior design trends black and white east greenwich RI

Pops of black are great ways to accentuate features against white or light cabinetry or walls. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

25. Double Kitchen Sinks

Kitchens are becoming increasingly personalized to homeowner’s needs in 2020. One of the top trends of this year is double sinks – with the second sink often appearing on an extra-long island. While food is being prepped or dishes washed in one sink, family and guests can grab a glass of water or wash up in the next. Designated stations to better utilize space are a big part of kitchen designs going forward. The kitchen below shows how this trend might work in your home.

2020 interior design trends double kitchen sinks, East Greenwich, RI

This East Greenwich, RI kitchen makes the most use of the functional space by including a second sink on the kitchen island. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

26. Sleek Cabinetry

Finally, the last design trend of this year is sleek cabinetry, like these custom inset cabinets in this East Greenwich home.  Frameless or common framed cabinetry – cabinets that do not have a face frame around each door or drawer – are popular in contemporary and modern designs. They increase the amount of available space, resulting in larger drawers and cabinets – which equals more storage for you. Smart designers in 2020 will create spaces that not only look good but improve the functionality of your home. This trend is one to consider if you need to increase your storage.

2020 Interior design trends sleek cabinetry East Greenwich, RI

A kitchen renovation in East Greenwich, RI features sleek, custom inset cabinetry. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

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