2021 PRO Award Winners

Thank you all for joining us for the 2021 Virtual PRO Awards and Congratulations to all the Award Winners.

Last year we were finally getting our feet under us after having absorbed the magnitude of life during a global pandemic. We recognized that business went on – just not quite the same. And life went on – just not quite the same. We coped and griped and endured and suffered. We put on a brave face for those around us. We learned to smile with our eyes. We took the black tape off the camera on our laptop and stopped worrying about being watched through the lens. (Quite frankly there wasn’t much to see.) We redefined business casual as sweatpants and slippers. We saw so much of our children and not enough of our parents. But most of all we carried on – just not quite the same.

This has been an incredible year for our organization as well. So many of us spent time this year distilling out those things that bring us real meaning and value. This is true of our association too. As the world shut down, we were forced to look at the precious resources of this organization. Revenues from attendance dwindled to next to nothing, sponsorship dollars built on the opportunity to be in person suffered, and we were acutely aware that decisions to renew memberships would be made differently now. In the midst of this, we turned to what we know best – creating connections between our members. And in recognizing what we do best – and more importantly, what our members value most – it became crystal clear that it was time to evolve. It was time to invest every dollar, every minute, and every thought into those things that matter to our members here locally.

As most of you know, our members voted last month to change the name and the direction of our organization. I am delighted to have the chance to unveil the first new chapter in this evolution with our reinvented Evening of Excellence. Introducing the first 2021 PRO Awards. While the name may be new, the purpose is the same. As always, we take this moment to pause and celebrate the incredible work of our members.

Congratulations again to the 2021 PRO Award Winners!

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