2020 Virtual CotY Awards!

Thank you all for joining us for the 2020 Virtual CotY Awards and Congratulations to all the Award Winners.

What an incredible year 2020 has been so far. It’s difficult to think of a time in recent history that has so profoundly affected our daily lives for such an extended period of time. It has stretched and challenged every one of us in new ways we could have never imagined.

The impact of this time has also been profound on our businesses, our employees, and our clients. And while life is slowly returning to normal with work and projects resuming, there is the recognition that life may never be the same. Our children and grandchildren are redefining the way we connect, and learn, and grow. While there will undoubtedly be things lost in this new schema, we are all looking for the ways we will be improved by the process.

As an industry, we will also capitalize on a set of benefits. After all, that’s what a remodeler does – take something and reshape it to make something better. Whether you find ways you have improved your business during this time or ways that you can better serve your clients or a distillation of what’s truly important in your personal life, our hope is that we can collectively look back on this time as a reset that forced us to reexamine and rededicate ourselves to our purpose.

And there is no better way to celebrate our common purpose than the Contractor of the Year awards. Although in 2020 we were not able to be together, we can still celebrate the amazing work of our colleagues. And perhaps this unique format allows us to bring this experience to a wider group that may find inspiration in your examples and a new dedication to the quality and creativity that is the hallmark of the work of our NARI members.

Congratulations again to all the 2020 CotY Award Winners!

2020 CotY Award Winners List.  Click Here!

2020 CotY Award Winners Slideshow.  Click here!

2020 CotY Award Video Presentation.  Click here!




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