5 Tips to Re-Engage your Customers in Spring

Posted by Justin Chrzanowski, Builtsmart Construction, EM NARI PR Committee

It’s spring once again and we are all ready to pick up the pace as both the weather and our businesses heat up.  As we look to the new customers who come knocking on our door the question persists, how to re-engage those great customers of the past to either provide referrals or move ahead with that next project.  We all know the standard marketing tips and tricks, SEO, social media marketing, drip campaign, etc., etc.  But what can we do to really grab our client’s attention without adding to the 100’s of spam emails, or overloading their Instagram feeds.  As a local remodeler, I have been spending lots of time thinking about this and talking to other pros about what can be done differently. So here are 5 creative ways to re-engage your existing A+ clients during the spring season.

  1. Offer a free assessment of your client’s yard, siding, roof, or exterior painting.  Develop a quick and easy assessment form that you can reach out to your client with and provide them a quick assessment some added value.
  2. Develop a spring maintenance checklist to send out via mail or digital marketing to help your clients assess themselves.
  3. Develop a spring maintenance tutorial for one area that you always come across whether it is gutter cleaning, power washing, or any other springtime maintenance project.  Sometimes the step-by-step walk through will remind your client that they need to hire a pro!!!!
  4. Offer a seasonal follow up.  If you just built a deck or addition for a client in the fall, offer a free power wash to ensure their newest investment is sparkling for the spring season.  This also gives you a chance to follow up with them on how they are enjoying the project, get those marketing snapshots, and ask for a review or referral.
  5. Send a free car wash or ice cream cone coupon with a quick thank you for their business.  Not only will this remind them that the bad weather is behind them, but will also keep your company top of mind as they come out of winter hibernation and start thinking of their spring projects.

Now the best part about these 5 ideas is that they are perfect opportunities to engage with other EM NARI members or other local business owners to provide these engagement offers.  The local car wash or ice cream shop will be happy to give you a discount when purchasing services in advance knowing that it will drive further business for them.  EM NARI members are happy to help you engage your customers especially when it can mean more business for them as well.  So, with those 5 creative engagement ideas, get out there, be creative, and tap into the market you have already won over to drive more business through new projects or great referrals.

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