Welcome to PRONE

We are a group based out of the Western New York area researching and gathering objective scientific evidence in the realm of the paranormal. We are making an attempt to gain evidential proof that paranormal entities exists; Or that the evidence we collect disproves the existence for our own personal knowledge as well as the comfort of our clients. We will keep all evidence confidential unless otherwise indicated.

We wish to professionally and thoroughly investigate the claims of a person’s paranormal experience(s) in order to substantiate or disconfirm the claim of paranormal activity, or an entity, a haunting, or other unexplained phenomenon.

We plan to collect this data to analyze and record only the objective, or scientific evidence from a claim.

Lastly we hope to help people feel comfortable in their own homes, and to possibly help them resolve some of their own questions regarding the experiences they may have encountered. We are attempting to assist others in their search for answers to experiences they may have had.

Above all we seek the truth.

  • 1. PRONE is a non profit organization that was formed to assist people who are having paranormal type activity in their homes. We will not charge any type of fee for the service of investigating the activity. Our investigation and equipment expenses are supported and supplied strictly by members of PRONE. We are willing to travel to conduct investigations as needed.

  • 2. PRONE is a scientific based research group. We conduct our investigations using equipment known in the field of paranormal research. This equipment includes IR cameras, EMF detectors, K2 meters, digital thermometers, voice recorders, camcorders and cameras.

  • 3. PRONE does not use psychics in our investigations, as we are a scientific based group. PRONE also does not condone the use of Ouija boards or other similar items.

  • 4. PRONE will not post anyone's personal information on our web site without permission, this includes evidence we gather. We feel that if a client wants to remain anonymous that should not hinder their ability to request and receive an investigation.