Our members attest to the value of EM NARI in their businesses. Through EM NARI they:

  • Make connections with fellow industry professionals to share best-practices, innovative ideas and trends in the market,
  • Participate in a group that homeowners trust when searching sites such as the Massachusetts Office for Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation for ethical, high-quality contractors,
  • Take advantage of innovative training and education programs required for maintaining licensure and designed to keep their businesses up-to-speed on the latest products, processes and techniques in the industry,
  • Develop relationships with suppliers, vendors, and other business resource professionals and,
  • Promote their businesses throughout New England through opportunities for awards and recognition.

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Question and Answer with Ron Peik of Alpine Environmental

Why did you join EM NARI originally?

  • As part of our outreach, the contractors at nari are the cream of the crop. We want to associate with those folks. We came for the networking and stayed for the resources and the events.

How has EM NARI helped your business?

  • By keeping in the forefront of whats going on, the trends. Because of NARI, I know about the new family leave act. I get the first wave of information. In business if you’re not getting the first wave of information, you’re going to lose.

How is NARI different from other organizations you are affiliated with?

  • The level of professionalism and standards of the members is very high.

What do you see on the horizon for your business?  And what role can NARI play in that?

  • We are expanding, and the relationships we have with nari remodelers and vendors has been very helpful. We are using the vendors as a great resource, and I’m trying to bring my own vendors in as well. I want them to be associated with this group. We are doing some fun stuff with the people here, and I want more people to know about it.

Would you recommend EM NARI to other businesses?  If so, why?

  • Yes, because the relationships you will create a wealth of knowledge and relationships that are essential to building a sound business.

What it's like to be an EM NARI member.

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