Paranormal Tech

Below are pictures and descriptions of some of the equipment PRONE uses during investigations. We do not bring every piece of equipment to every investigation. We will determine what will be necessary depending on the specific location.

Infrared Monocular


The infrared monocular is used on investigations where an extreme amount of night vision is needed. It has a viewing distance of several hundred feet. With a special bracket, we can attach any camera or camcorder up to the monocular to capture still photos or video. The monocular works great in large buildings.

Yes/No" Boxes

yes/no machines

An original invention from PRONE, the Yes/No Boxes work off of an infrared motion sensor. The idea behind the boxes is that they can be used for simple "yes" or "no" real time answers with spirits. To read more about the machines, click HERE for an article written by PRONE Tech manager Rob.

MP3 Player

MP3 Player

A technique that has been used during investigations by others has been to attempt to re-create events or familiar circumstances from the era of any allegeded haunting. PRONE has begun bringing an MP3 player to investigations that has been pre-loaded with popular songs from each decade dating back to the 1800s to see if this theory stirs up any results.

D"Ghost Box/Hackshack"


A more controversial and experimental piece of equipment, this standard AM/FM radio has been modified so that the scan feature no longer works. The radio will cycle through channels forever. The theory is that spirits can use the radio and noise to communicate in real time with investigators. PRONE has several models of the "hackshack" and use trigger questions to help verify or debunk the validity of what comes through the device.

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