Below are some of the locations that PRONE has investigated. Click on each picture to visit a gallery of even more pics from the investigation.

NOTE- All of the locations shown here are either publicly haunted buildings or PRONE has received written permission to disclose the location. They are not all of the places PRONE has investigated. If you contact PRONE about an investigation and wish to remain anonymous, we will keep your location confidential.


The Hinsdale House, Hinsdale, NY

The Hinsdale house is located south of Buffalo in Hinsdale, NY. It has a reputation of being haunted that dates back to the 1970s. There are several books written about the house and it was featured on the Discovery Channel show "A Haunting". Everything from noises, feelings, and full body apparitions have been reported here. To read more about the Hinsdale House and the investigation, click HERE for an article written by PRONE Associate Member Glenn.

The Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, Buffalo, NY

The Historical Society building was built in 1901 for the Pan-American Exposition that was held in Buffalo. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1987. PRONE has had the privilege of conducting ongoing investigations of this building. 

The Knickerbocker Hotel, Linesville, PA

The Knickerbocker; formally known as the Arnold House, has history that dates back to 1882. The building has had many uses in its nearly 130 year history. PRONE has conducted numerous investigations at the Knickerbocker and continue to go out there with any chance we get. To read more about the Knickerbocker, click HERE to read an article written by PRONE founder Alison.

Iron Island Museum, Buffalo, NY

Iron Island started out as a church in the East Lovejoy area of Buffalo in the 1800s. It later became a funeral home before finally opening as the Iron Island Museum. There were unclaimed cremated remains found in the basement after the funeral home shut down. Today, there are claims of frequent unexplained noises, voices, and sightings of shadow people.

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