Are you wondering if your house is haunted? Are you experiencing unexplainable things? Below is a list of commonly reported phenomenon/ activity. Sometimes things that seem paranormal have everyday explanations. Use this information as a resource, you may find that the scratching you hear or that banging in your living room can be explained. But if you have ruled these things out and still can't figure out what you are experiencing, contact us. We can help!

If you are experiencing feelings of uneasiness, being watched or feeling dizzy....you may have high EMF (electro magnetic fields) in your home. You can test this theory by unplugging appliances or electronic devices in the area and see if the feelings go away.

If you are experiencing a strange feeling of uneasiness or instability in a particular area.....you may be experiencing a "fun house effect". This can occur when floors are uneven. To test this theory place a ball or marble on one side of the floor and see if it rolls, if so the floor may be sloped.

If you are experiencing seeing apparitions, lights, mist or other visual effects.....you may be experiencing the results of stress, lack of sleep, or even possible side effects of medication. You may want to talk with your doctor to rule out any medical cause for what you are dealing with.

If you are experiencing shadows....you may be seeing reflections from passing cars on the road. To test this theory ensure all blinds or curtains are closed for the night in the area you have witnessed the phenomena.

If you are experiencing voices that can not be explained....you should look at your environment. Are your neighbors in close proximity to you, are your walls thin, is your duct work older?

If you are experiencing banging noises, pounding, hissing.....you may have plumbing issues. Check with a plumber to ensure you don't have loose pipes, blockages, leaks, etc.

If you are experiencing lights dimming, flickering, frequently blown bulbs or fuses....you may have electrical problems, especially if your house is older. Check with an electrician in your area to ensure the problem is not your wiring.

If you are experiencing scratching noises.....you may have animals or vermin in your attic or walls. Contact a pest control professional to rule out any unwanted guests.

If you are experiencing creaks, groans, pops or something similar....your house may just be settling. To test this theory, keep a unexplained journal. Write down what day/time you hear the noise. You may find that weather has an affect on some of the noises you hear. Also get to know your home. Each home has its own set of characteristics and unique noises. The more you pay attention to these, it will be easier to know what is normal and what is not.

If you can't rule out what you are experiencing,let us know.We are here to help!