Getting Back to Basics

Alison Smith



Ok, so how many times have you walked into a room where it felt like the air was thick?  Have you ever turned a corner and felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up?  Well if you’re a paranormal investigator this has probably happened to you at least once.  Should you use these feelings to further your investigation?  Yes, of course!  Something in your immediate environment caused you to feel what you felt.  So can you use your body as a tool for ghost hunting?  Yes, it’s easy just trust your instincts.

Next time you’re out on an investigation or just touring a haunted location, try to let your mind go blank and just see what you can experience.  Is the area warm or cold?  Does it feel comfortable or does the area make you anxious?  Or perhaps you just feel nothing at all.  Try to turn off that part of your brain that is always trying to figure things out, always trying to explain away what you can’t immediately understand.  Just let yourself be in the environment.  What you are trying to connect to is the energy that may or may not be there.

An easy way to think about this is to subscribe (even temporarily) to the idea that all things including spirits are made up of energy.  Some may be more intense than others and easier to pick out while some may be weaker and easy to miss.  Think about people in your own life, some have huge personalities; some are more shy and reserved.  This is the same principle as understanding how energy works from a metaphysical stand point.  Your body senses the changes in the energy and produces a physical reaction.  If you’re sitting in an area that is comfortable and you suddenly get the chills, this could be your body sensing a change in the energy around you. If the air around you seems to change and maybe it becomes thick, or it’s harder to breathe, perhaps the energy is no longer pleasant and wants you to leave.

So how can this help you during an investigation? First I want to stress that working with energy takes practice.  Also using this technique should not take the place of actual scientific equipment. It’s my experience that they go nicely hand in hand. If you feel that cold spot you can check it against the equipment and look for correlation.  When I investigate I always start with a walkthrough. I take my time to try to get a general feel for the place and make mental notes about how the different areas strike me and what my initial physical reactions are if any. The more you try this the more success you will have with tuning in to what is or isn’t there. Some people may catch onto this more quickly than others, but don’t get discouraged if this happens to you. Keep trying and it will get easier.

This can help also by narrowing your investigation down to a smaller investigation space. For example, if you are in a large location and feel like there may be something in one area, you can concentrate on that rather than spreading out to try to cover everything else, especially if you have limited time in the location.  You may also find a new hot spot since; after all, spirits can travel. What may be considered a hot spot one day might not be the same for you depending on many factors.

It’s also important to try not to force a reaction. If you go into a location to investigate with preconceived notions or ideas about it, you will be more apt to have an experience related to that information. Unfortunately I’ve seen this happen many times.  As an example, if you go into a location where children are said to be, you are more likely to hear a child giggle or see a small fleeting shadow because you are expecting it. Your brain will try to relate an experience to something that can be explained. This may be why “spirit children” are often found in locations where children did not frequent or were not known to be.

You may also want to try writing down your initial impressions. It’s always a good idea to have a pad and pen with you on an investigation just for this point. You may get an idea that will pop into your head that seems to make no sense at the time of the investigation. If this happens, jot it down.  It’s also a good idea to write down how the area feels to you. When you go to conduct your EMF (electromagnetic field) sweeps you may find the cause to some of what you experienced.  Perhaps you felt uneasy in a certain area and find a high concentration of EMF there. Most likely what you felt is your body’s reaction to that rather than a ghost. You may want to have a few members of your group do this and then compare notes afterwards to see if any of your impressions were similar.

The point of all this is to use your basic instincts and allow yourself to tune in to your surroundings. As great as all the equipment is, it doesn’t make you a better investigator to have all the bells and whistles and it just may make you broke. No piece of equipment is more sensitive than your body is, so trust your feelings and try this out.