To learn more about various subject in the paranormal field or to hear about personal expierences from investigations, this page will be used to archive any articles written by PRONE members.

Finding Fear Cages - Rob Gallitto

One of the terms thrown around a lot in relation to the paranormal is “fear cage”. In places with alleged paranormal activity, the fear cage is used as a natural explanation for common claims of the paranormal. The fear cage being referred to is any small or enclosed space that has excessive levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF)... Read Full Article

Getting Back to Basics - Alison Smith

Ok, so how many times have you walked into a room where it felt like the air was thick? Have you ever turned a corner and felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Well if you’re a paranormal investigator this has probably happened to you at least once. Should you use these feelings to further your investigation? Yes, of course! Something in your immediate environment caused you to feel what you felt. So can you use your body as a tool for ghost hunting? Yes, it’s easy just trust your instincts.... Read Full Article

New Paranormal Tech Aims to Keep Things Simple - Rob Gallitto

A little over a year ago I ended up creating a new piece of equipment that everyone I investigate with have all just come to refer to as the “Yes and No Boxes”. The idea is ridiculously simple to the point where I was very surprised I couldn’t find someone who had tried it before. I don’t know of any other investigators who have done anything like this and I searched all over the Internet and came up with nothing. To explain the Boxes as simply as I can, I put together a set of devices that are triggered by an infrared motion sensor... Read Full Article

The Maglite Theory - Rob Gallitto

One of the more popular and controversial methods to paranormal investigations over the last few years has been the “Maglite phenomenon”. Whether you’re an actual investigator or you just like watching any of the dozens of paranormal TV shows out there today, you’ve likely heard and seen this before... Read Full Article

Paranormal Unity…Is it really possible? - Alison Smith

People ask me all the time how and why I got into the paranormal field, and instead of giving them any real information, I give my standard answer.  I simply say “I’ve always been intrigued by things that go bump in the night”.  Now this may seem like a total cliché or even a cop out, but it’s the easiest way I can explain it... Read Full Article

The Notorious Knickerbocker Hotel - Alison Smith

The sleepy small town of Linesville, Pennsylvania is home to a paranormal hotspot called The Knickerbocker Hotel. This simple unassuming brick building is a haven for spirits who came and stayed and never left. They roam the halls and rooms, peek out of doorways, move items and speak to the living... Read Full Article