The Notorious Knickerbocker Hotel

Alison Smith



The sleepy small town of Linesville, Pennsylvania is home to a paranormal hotspot called The Knickerbocker Hotel.  This simple unassuming brick building is a haven for spirits who came and stayed and never left. They roam the halls and rooms, peek out of doorways, move items and speak to the living.  Just as the rooms are always being rearranged by the owner, Peg Knickerbocker, the spirits are never the same. You may contact one and return a few weeks later only to find there are a whole new set of patrons who came for a visit since you were there last.

My team and I have had the privilege of investigating the Knickerbocker on an ongoing basis for about three years.  The building dates back to 1882 and was originally known as the Arnold House. The building had a tragic start when just three years after it was finished not only did the Arnolds lose a child, but in February of 1885 Mr. Arnold lost his wife, Clara.  She passed away from what is now known as tuberculosis. Many believe she still wanders the building possibly still mourning the loss of her child from all those years ago.

I have had many paranormal experiences within this building and I’d like to share with you some of my most memorable.  The first time I ever came there was in the fall and I had no idea what to expect. I had heard a few things about the place but was totally overwhelmed by the immediate good vibe you get from being there; it’s almost as if the building hums with energy that seems to come from within. It comes out to meet you, to welcome you and we would learn that first hand by the end of that first night.

The Knick

Throughout the night the team felt like we were being watched, we spent lots of time chasing down noises that had no explanations and voices we couldn’t find. At one point the group broke off to cover the building.  I was just finishing up an EVP session and was leaving one of the rooms when I turned and saw a black shadow person standing next to an armoire as if it were getting out its evening wear to dress for dinner.  By the time I called out to the other investigator the shadow person simply disappeared.

While conducting an investigation in the basement a few of the female investigators experiences being touched on their heads and backs. We could find no logical explanation for this. In the “nursery” on the third floor, an investigator took on another personality while interacting with the spirit of a little girl, later claiming he didn’t remember many of the things he said.

But one of the strangest things that took place came when we had gone home and had started reviewing the evidence. We came across the most unusual EVP we’ve had to date. It literally sounded like a cat meowing. We had no idea what to make of it but decided to show it to the owner of the hotel and see what they thought of it.  While going through the reveal we prefaced the EVP by saying we had no idea what is was. Once the owner heard it, they were shocked. Peg Knickerbocker said “that sounds like a cat”.  We agreed and remarked how odd that was. Peg then shocked us by telling us it wasn’t odd at all since another group had taken a photo of a “ghost cat” just a few weeks earlier.  She showed us the photo which had been taken mere feet from where we caught the EVP weeks later.

Since that first night we have been hooked and try to get to the Knickerbocker every few months. We have come to develop a fondness for the owner, the building and even the town. The Knickerbocker never disappointments and always draws you back for that next investigation. Just as the building continues to evolve and change so does the evidence we have been able to capture. The building and the spirits within its walls hold many mysteries that have yet to be unraveled. We will keep trying since I feel we have just scratched the surface of what is there.